Are you stuck when it comes to running paid ads for your music brand?

Artist Growth Marketing Campaigns

Are you looking to market your music with paid advertising?

Our flagship marketing service is designed to help artist maximize their growth through content and social media marketing strategies

  • We will create and manage your ad campaigns directly from your Facebook's Ad Manager
  • We will optimize your campaign around your objectives
  • We will help you maximize your marketing efforts

Grow Your Fanbase With Digital Advertising

Do You Want Need A Marketing Strategy That Will Provide Real Meaningful Growth?

From: Jonah 

The majority of artists out there release there music without a strong marketing strategy to cut through the noise and build lasting relationships with their ideal listener.

You spend weeks creating and perfecting each release then when it drops you make a few pieces of content and have it thrown on a few playlists.

This will not grow you a fanbase, this will not help you reach your ideal listener in a scalable way, and this will not help foster a relationship with your audience.

I wanted to share with you an amazing opportunity to market your music in a new way.  

With our artist growth marketing campaigns we will help you reach new listeners in a scalable way, help you foster a relationship with those very listeners, and help you optimize around your personalized objectives whether that be Spotify Growth or merch Sales.

Artist Growth Marketing

Reach Engaged Listeners

Utilizing direct traffic sources we can reach your ideal listener in an active way increasing engagement and opening the door towards fostering a fan to artist relationship

Grow on Music Store Platforms

Through direct advertising we can reach your ideal listener introduce them to your music on stores such as Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube where they can save, playlist, buy, or listen to your music

Campaigns Created Around Your Personal Objectives




Whether you are trying to introduce cold audiences to your music, capture leads and foster a relationship with your current fanbase, or produce sales for your merchandise or music we can create a campaign to help you reach those objectives.

"Why Should I Utilize Artist Growth Campaigns?"

  • You want to reach your ideal listener in a scalable way and trigger music store page algorithms
  • ​You want to have a strategy to foster potential listeners into fans
  • ​You are stuck when it comes to utilizing Facebook ads for your music brand
  • ​You want to 10X your results when it comes to implementing social media ads and utilizing them for your music brand
  • ​You want to use ads to market your music for the first time but don't know where to start 
  • ​You want the skills required to be able to run ad campaigns on your own in the future 
  • You want a personalized experience to help you grow your music brand around your objetcives

If any of the above statements sounds like you, our artist growth campaigns are for you!

Here is How You Can Get Started

Step 1. Apply Now

All you have to do to get started is hit the apply button and fill out a short questionnaire.

Step 2. Onboarding

If approved you can get started with the onboarding process to get your campaign off the ground

Step 3. Strategy Call

Before we start your campaign we will get on a 1 on 1 call with you to figure out how to best reach your objectives

Step 4. Results

From there we will jumpstart your campaign and you can watch the results pour in.

Have Questions?

If you need a little more info on the program to make sure it is the right fit for you just you can utilize the chat box located on this page or send us an email at
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